Church Office Building

These tours are no longer offered (2022).

There are so many things to do in downtown Salt Lake, but one of our favorites is the tour at the Church Office Building. This tour isn’t very long, but it is highlighted by a trip to the tallest building in Salt Lake City. Okay, technically the Wells Fargo Center Building is the tallest, but only by two feet!

Church Office Buidling 1

To start your tour, go to the information desk in the east lobby. Small groups are assigned a guide to lead them to a few interesting spots. The first stop is at a famous mural that depicts Christ visiting the Apostles outside Jerusalem. This painting, which is familiar to Mormons, is 66 feet by 15 feet. The original was actually painted by a Seventh Day Adventist. The LDS Church liked it so much, they obtained the right to reproduce it, and it is very impressive.

The painting is huge. This only shows the middle half of the painting.
The painting is huge. This only shows the middle half of the painting.

The second part of the tour leads you out onto the plaza. The guide will point out several interesting things on the adjacent building and tell a little more about the Church Office Building. Our favorite thing outside was seeing the box where the peregrine falcons nest, though they have not been there this year.

We are hoping the falcons return next year!
We are hoping the falcons return next year! Can you see their box to the left of the fancy pillars?

Finally, you’ll hop in the elevator and go all the way to the top of the building, which is on floor 26. There are observation decks on both the east and the west side of the building, and though there are much loftier buildings in bigger cities, this is the best way to see Salt Lake. By the way, you can skip the first two parts of this tour and just go look off the top of the building if you are limited on time, though the full tour only requires about a half-hour.

Church Office Buildling 9
There is an observation deck on both sides of the Church Office Building.
Church Office Buidling 8
The views are amazing.
Church Office Buidling 7
You are well protected on the 26th floor.
Church Office Buidling 5
You can see the capitol one direction.
Church Office Buidling 4
There are big windows that the kids can look out without being picked up. Also, see that tiny hole in the glass on the left? That is where you can take pictures to avoid the reflection on the glass. I didn’t really use that feature….

Tours have been cancelled, and we are so sad to see them go. But feel free to walk around the outside of the building and admire the fountains and other displays at the Church Office Building.

The kids loved being up so high and seeing so far!
The kids loved being up so high and seeing so far!

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