Christmastime on Petersen Family Farm


We had an awesome adventure at the Petersen Family Farm. The farm is located in Riverton and boasts wagon rides, storytelling, the best Santa ever, and hot chocolate at their Christmastime on the Farm event.


We’ve been to the farm when it is a pumpkin patch in the fall, which was a lot of fun, but we really enjoyed the Christmas experience. We started with a short wagon ride. The wagon was lit up and pulled by a tractor, and Farmer Petersen told a really cute original story about the farmer that owned the stable that Jesus was born in. They even had a sound system set up in the wagon so that everyone could hear the story. I won’t spoil the story for you (which we heard may be a picture book soon), but as the wagon looped around, we sang Christmas songs on the way back to the stable.

The wagon was pulled by a tractor.
We had so much fun riding on the wagon.
Not the best picture, but the tractors were all lit up!
Farmer Luke told an amazing story! We were happy that he’s going to put it into a storybook.

Next we checked out the Christmas trees they were selling (the had beautiful trees, even though we already have one) and ended up buying a really cool tree stand that will support our 11 foot tree. There are also goats hanging around for you to feed and pet.

There were lots of beautiful trees to choose from.
Our boys always love seeing farm animals.

There’s a store at the farm where you can pick up your hot chocolate (it’s included in the ticket price). We also picked up a few traditional candies. They have nuts, meat, vegetables, and traditional candies. The farm market is open year-round.

The market is open all year. We love that this is a local farm!

Finally, we headed out the back of the store to see Santa. We had the room to ourselves, and Santa took his time with each of our boys. They probably had a full 2 minutes each with him, and he was funny, kind, and very personable. We both agreed that he was the best Santa that we could remember.

Best Santa Ever!

We love the Petersen Family Farm. The people there are so nice. We talked to the owner of the farm, Farmer Luke, for about 10 minutes about the tree stand, and he even offered to mount our tree that we didn’t buy there if we brought it to the farm. This event is just gaining popularity, so get there before the crowds do!

The Christmas story began on a farm…

Each part of Christmastime on the Farm has a different cost. The wagon ride is $4/person, visiting Santa is $5/person, and then treats and cocoa are more on top of that. You do not need to purchase your tickets before anymore. You can purchase when you arrive. Wagon rides happen every 20 minutes between 6:20-8:00 pm every day from Dec. 5-23 (closed Sundays), but Santa is only around on certain days. You can see the schedule here.

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