Christmas at Cross E Ranch

Cross E Ranch has created some great activities that are Covid-friendly where everyone stays in their car, but still enjoys a family outing. We enjoyed their Baby Animal Festival, so we were extra excited when we saw they were hosting Christmas at Cross E Ranch.

The Christmas event begins with a drive through some lights. The entire farm is decked out in lights. There are also some fun Christmas decorations set up. As you drive through the lights, make sure to listen to their audio tour. The audio tour has Christmas music and poems. Then later it tells the story of the Nativity.

The drive begins through this light tunnel.
Watch out for the “reindeer!”
The whole farm is decked out in colorful lights.
We really liked the cute chicken lights.
Using the milk jugs as Christmas light decorations was super creative.

Before the drive arrives at the Nativity, make sure to stop at the Gingerbread sweet shop. You can order your treats beforehand, and they will have them ready when you pull up. We ordered a box of apple cider donuts, and they were delicious! They also sell hot chocolate and caramel apples. Or you can skip the treats and bring your own!

Our treats were ready when we pulled up.
The apple cider donuts are worth it!

After picking up treats, the drive continues around the bend and leads into a Nativity scene. This is also where the farm animals are. We enjoyed seeing the sheep, goats, donkeys, and even a camel. The drive then takes you past a Nativity display. It’s not a live scene, but has some still figures.

There was another light “tunnel” to drive through.
There are different nativities on display.
Seeing the animals was a fun part of the drive.
The audio tour tells the story of the First Nativity.
The Nativity isn’t live, but we enjoyed how Cross E Ranch put it all together in a drive-thru.

Christmas at Cross E Ranch is a great outing, especially if you are looking for a way to avoid crowds. Check their website for prices, hours, and to purchase tickets and treats. And if you are looking for other ideas for Christmas fun in Utah, check out our 2020 Christmas post.

All the tractors were decorated, too.

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