Cherry Hill Resort

Have you been to Cherry Hill Resort? We decided that since it was their 50th anniversary we needed to go. Cherry Hill is a classic family adventure spot here in Utah.


Cherry Hill is located in Davis County just north of Lagoon and has lots of family friendly activities. There are tons of things for kids of all ages to do. You could easily spend the whole day. We spent 6 hours, and our kids were begging to stay longer.  We are going to share a rundown of what is in the park, what we loved about Cherry Hill, and offer a few suggestions of how to make your day super fun.

Our boys love Cherry Hill!

Water Attractions

At Cherry Hill the majority of activities are water related, and that is what our kids enjoyed most. First, there is a big splash pad area designed especially for little ones. Our boys loved this spot. It has a large pirate ship that you can play on with a slide that runs down into the water. The water is only 6 inches deep or so, and has tons of sprayers and fun places to get wet. For the adults, there are lots of chairs around this area so you can watch the kids.

The splash pad area is a ton of fun.
Even our older boys thought it was awesome!

Behind the splash pad area, there is a rapids ride called Cataract Canyon. This ride is mostly for older kids and adults, but our 5 year-old did fine. Riders must go alone, so he couldn’t ride on a lap, so you’ll want to consider that before taking your little one. One thing you can try is hooking up a train of people so that you can make sure little kids don’t tip over. This ride sends you through chutes and under waterfalls, and you will be soaked. Don’t take your sunglasses or flip-flops, they will probably end up lost. Our 5 year-old is brave in the water and went on this ride multiple times, but if you have a small child who isn’t sure about the water, you may want to skip this one. Also, make sure you get in the correct line at the bottom of the hill to get a tube before getting in the upper line.

The lifeguard helps you start down Cataract Canyon.
It is a large ride with different chutes to go down.
You will probably go backward, and you might tip over!

Next to the rapids ride, there is a new slide called the Little Dipper. One of the reasons we wanted to visit Cherry Hill was to try this new ride, but unfortunately it was closed the day we went. It looked fun, and similar to other slide rides that we love, but shorter. So make sure to visit the Little Dipper when you visit Cherry Hill.

We were sad that we couldn’t try this slide. It looks so fun, so you will definitely want to check it out.

Also in this large water park area is a huge lazy river. Our family really loved taking a little time to relax and float along the river. There are also two pools: one is a large pool, and the other pool is quite a bit smaller. We didn’t even make it into the pools, but they appeared nice and clean.

The lazy river floats past this Old West town which has sound effects and everything.

Across the parking lot there is a large dragon slide. It is the one water ride that isn’t next to this part of the park. There are two big slides coming down from a castle, and they really zip! The reason they go so fast is that you ride a mat down the slide. Little kids can ride with someone so they get a chance to go, too. Again, make sure you pick up your mat at the bottom of the hill before heading up.

The dragon slide is large and has two different slides.
Can you see Dad going down the slide?
You really fly down this slide on the mats provided.

Dry Attractions

Next to the dragon slide is the mini-golf course. We don’t minigolf a lot anymore, not because we don’t like it, but because it seems most courses aren’t very well maintained anymore. Luckily, the Cherry Hill golf course was in great shape. It had a lot of fun moving parts, and the course was clean and interesting. There was even a little rhyme posted by each tee box giving advice about where to hit the ball. We had a lot of fun playing on this course and enjoyed the variety of holes.

The mini golf course was a lot of fun.
There were a lot of different holes for golfing. Once you hit the ball under this house, it rode up a ski lift to the top of the mountain.

There is one last section that you can visit when you go to Cherry Hill, and that is down the hill from the bathrooms and gift shop. Down there you will find a huge maze to wander through, a rock climbing wall, a trampoline with hoops, mini bumper boats for toddlers, a ball pit and climbing area, and Battlestar blasters. The blasters is a room set up with black light where you can blast small foam balls at each other and targets along the wall. We had a ton of fun playing against each other. This “down the hill area” was the perfect place to go to dry off a bit and do some other activities.

The maze was fun to wander through.
Our boys loved scaling the rock wall.
The Battlestar Blasters was one of the best activities. We had a blast shooting the targets, and each other.

What We Loved

The number one thing that we really loved was that you don’t have to rent tubes or mats. They were just there when we needed them, even when we entered the lazy river. We hate renting a tube and then babysitting it all day, so this worked for us.

Tubes and mats were at each attraction when we needed them. It was wonderful!

We also liked that little kids can enjoy this park. Some water parks seem to have a lot of big slides geared toward teenagers, but not much for little kids. This park was sort of the opposite. Many of the attractions were for younger kids, though there were still some things for teenagers. This was perfect for our family with children from 5-11. That being said, Mom and Dad enjoyed all the slides and rides, too.

Mini golf is fun for everyone. Okay, maybe not babies, but most everyone!

We also made a note of how the workers interacted with us. Like many of these theme parks, the majority of employees were young men and women, but we loved how friendly they were. They were all helpful, and very kind and struck up conversations with us on several occasions. We were impressed with the young people who work at Cherry Hill and the awesome service they provided.

Cherry Hill is a super fun place to visit!


  • Take lots of snacks and food. Cherry Hill lets you bring in your own food and drinks, so make sure to come prepared with plenty of stuff to make it through the entire day. Don’t bring glass bottles, though.
  • Wear sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. You will be in the sun for most of these activities, so make sure to have everything needed to protect your skin. We sunscreened twice, and still came home a little too pink!

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more information and to see a calendar of events.

We received complimentary tickets to visit Cherry Hill, but all the opinions are our own. 





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