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Do you have a favorite waterfall in Yellowstone National Park? We have visited many waterfalls in this park, but Cave Falls quickly rose to the top of our list for a few reasons. One, it is a roadside waterfall, which means minimal walking. Two, we got up close and personal with this waterfall. And three, there was no one else there! Cave Falls in Yellowstone has a massive flow of water that you can get right up close to, and we didn’t hike at all or see a single soul at the waterfall.

cave falls yellowstone
If you get the chance, make sure to stop at Cave Falls.

Cave Falls is located in Cascade Corner. You can’t reach it from the highways of Yellowstone. The access point is a dirt road that runs east out of Ashton, Idaho. Since the waterfall is inside park boundaries, there is still the usual park fee, but it is the same fee for the rest of the park. We stopped at this waterfall on our way to West Yellowstone.

To access Cave Falls Yellowstone, go to Ashton, Idaho. Then head east on Main Street/ID-47 for 6.1 miles. Turn right onto Cave Falls Rd/1400 N. Stay on this road for 19 miles until you come to Cave Falls. It turns to dirt about halfway into the drive. Our phones found the way after we searched in Ashton, but there was no service once we got into the mountains. The road was passable by any vehicle.

The road was easy to travel in the summertime.

When we arrived at Cave Falls, we were tricked at first. We thought we were viewing the waterfall, but it turns out we were looking at a smaller unnamed waterfall below the real one. A little farther up the road we found Cave Falls. It is the widest waterfall in Yellowstone, and though it only falls about 20 feet, it is 250 feet wide, which is almost the length of a football field. That much cascading water comes with a healthy roar, and there was plenty of spray when we got right up close.

cave falls yellowstone
We stopped further down at first, but you can get closer to Cave Falls.
cave falls yellowstone
We enjoyed standing right by the spray.
cave falls yellowstone
Cave Falls is stunning.

We even spotted some spotted frogs in the shallows below the foam. Our boys skipped a few rocks along the edge of the river. It was a beautiful spot and so peaceful since there was no one else around.

Just below the falls you can walk along the river a little bit.
We skipped a lot of rocks.
We also saw a bunch of these frogs/toads.

There is also an upper parking lot where you can view the brink of Cave Falls. We walked from the bottom to the top along a short trail while Dad moved the car. The view of the river is very nice from up top, and you can see the massive waterfall from a different angle. The upper view is further away, so we preferred the bottom, but it is worth going to both viewpoints.

overlook of cave falls yellowstone
We love looking at the brink of waterfalls.
brink of cave falls yellowstone
The look from the top is always fun.

After a picnic at the small trailhead area, we went in search of a second waterfall called Bechler Falls. Be sure to check it out, too. Cave Falls in Yellowstone was definitely worth a stop since we were in the area. It is an amazing waterfall!

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