Utah’s Adventure Family loves to visit museums. We love learning together and often museums provide an environment where we can learn and play together.

There are so many fun museums to visit in Utah. Many are free, too! We share all the information about the different ones that we have visited to help you know which museum will be the best for your family.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

One of our favorite adventures is to the Bear River Migratory Refuge just outside of Brigham City. This is a free activity with a visitor's center, a short walk, and a long drive around the refuge. The visitor's center is located just off of 1-15 (exit 363: Forest Street exit). Just…

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Natural History Museum Utah

We always enjoy visiting the Natural History Museum of Utah. It opened up at this location in early 2012. This museum is extremely educational, and it is geared toward 6-12 year olds (and adults). As a fourth grade teacher, I was constantly saying, "Wow! My students need to see that!" There…

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Treehouse Museum

This place is amazing! I will begin by saying that because I don't think I will be able to tell you with words how much fun we had at the Treehouse Museum. My boys are still asking to go back and it has been over a month. The museum is divided…


Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point

Note: For information on the gnomes in the Dinosaur Museum use this link. I cannot even count the times I have been to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. Our boys are dinosaur lovers, but we have never met a child who doesn't like to go to the Dinosaur Museum.…

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Clark Planetarium

Our family loves space! We love looking at the stars, learning about the planets, and watching the International Space Station fly through the sky. So it makes sense that one of our favorite places to visit is the Clark Planetarium. The planetarium just got a makeover, so we went to check…