We love exploring the great outdoors, but we also love finding fun indoor adventures for our family to try. Whether we are learning at a museum, jumping on trampolines, and tasting chocolates, our family enjoys a good indoor adventure.

Monte L. Bean Museum | BYU

The Bean Museum at BYU is one of our favorite free adventures. We love walking through the museum and admiring all of the animal display. This museum houses many "stuffed" animals, and also has some fun interactive spots for kids. Our favorite thing to do is to catch one of the…


BYU Creamery

Outside of the BYU creamery Tonight we went to the BYU Creamery Outlet, which has changed a lot since we were students at BYU. For one thing, there are four different locations where you can buy creamery products, including Helaman, Wyview, 900 East, and the original creamery outlet east of the…

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Springville Art Museum

We have visited the Springville Art Museum many times. The first time we visited our boys were only 7, 4, and 1. We were a little worried about taking young kids because art museums tend to be strict on behavior, which is the case here. Luckily, they have a great hands-on…

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They would have been great pioneers.

Springville DUP

The Springville DUP is located in the old public library. We wanted to check out the Springville Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum for reasons relating to our family history. In reading about our ancestors, we discovered that my great-great-great-great grandfather Abraham Taylor was an original settler of Springville. He set…


Scera Center Theater

We have written about attending plays at junior highs and high schools before, but this week we attended The Cat in the Hat at the Scera Theater down in Orem. The play was fantastic! The Scera does a wonderful job of making these shows family oriented. Every year they do one…

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The Train Shoppe

The Train Shoppe has moved locations to Gardner Village. The shop is a little smaller and a little different from what they used to have set up at the prior location, but we still had a great time driving the trains and enjoying the other small attractions in the Train Shoppe.…