We love hiking! We hike often all throughout the year, and have found so many great trails! There is just something special about being together as a family exploring the outdoors, and then arriving at a beautiful destination. It is a wonderful adventure for our family.

Utah has so many hikes. Thousands of different trails. We share all of the hikes that we have hiked as family, and give all the details here that you’ll need as you head out on the trail. How long, how hard, fees required, and more.

Things to do in St. George

One of the most common questions we receive is what is there to do in St. George for families. And our answer is always, "There is a TON to do." We are constantly finding more and more things to do in the St. George area, so this list keeps growing and…


Belly of the Dragon | Kanab

Belly of the Dragon is a short, dark, man-made tunnel located between Orderville and Kanab. This is an entirely unique adventure that requires almost no hiking. The adventure does require a short scramble down slick rock, so it is not accessible to everyone. We loved walking through the Belly of the…

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Sand Dune Arch | Kanab

Sand Dune Arch is large free-standing arch near Kanab. It is not to be confused with the more famous Sand Dune Arch in Arches National Park, which is much better known. This arch is unique and you can walk right underneath. Sand Dune Arch near Kanab requires a short walk through…


Kanab Sand Caves | Moqui Caverns

The Kanab Sand Caves, also known sometimes as the Moqui Caverns, are an old sand mine that is easily visited along US-89 north of Kanab. Yes, you read that correctly, this area was used as a sand mine, procuring the desert sand for use in glass making. Though it would have…


Desert Discovery Nature Trail

The Desert Discovery Nature Trail is a 0.4 mile paved loop on the west side of Saguaro National Park. This is the perfect toddler-friendly, wheel-friendly trail to get your first taste of the mighty saguaro cactus. We enjoyed taking the few minutes to walk the loop, and learn about the area.…


Valley View Overlook Trail | Saguaro

Valley View Overlook Trail in the west section was our favorite hike in Saguaro National Park. It was short, flat and easy. It was also a destination hike, which is rare in this national park. For more information on hiking in Saguaro, check out our post for kid-friendly hikes. Valley View…