Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words, “free activity?” When we first started our blog, we put a special focus on finding free activities in Utah.

While we have expanded a little bit and include many adventures here at Utah’s Adventure Family, we still love finding all of the free activities for families. We know that free can be so helpful when you have a big family and other things you are working toward.

We have experienced all of these free activities and can’t wait for you to read all about them.

Red Hills Desert Garden | St. George

Red Hills Desert Garden is a free, family-friendly adventure in St. George. This garden is a desert conservation garden that showcases some of the desert plant life and beautiful desert landscapes. We wandered through the gardens and found so many fun things. There are lots of lovely spots in the Red…


Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Tracks

There is an interesting dinosaur trackway just outside St. George. Finding the Dino Cliffs Dinosaur Tracks requires a short ride over a bumpy, sandy road that is accessible to most vehicles. Then there is a short hike through the red sand. This is a pretty easy excursion, and the tracks make…


Civilian Conservation Corp Camp in Leeds

We made a quick stop at the Civilian Conservation Corp Camp in Leeds on our way to the Red Reef Waterfall trail. We love learning about this historical group who did so much for our country, especially our national parks. The Civilian Conservation Corp, or CCC, was a New Deal era…


North Park Provo | Unlimited Play Area

Provo just redid the playground at North Park and created the Unlimited Play Area. This park is now all-abilities accessible and has new equipment. Fortunately they left the large trees, so there is lots of shade. If you have younger children, North Park Unlimited Play Area is perfect for kids 8…


Hermit’s Cabin | Marjum Pass near Delta

Hermit's Cabin is a very unique feature west of Delta, Utah. It is far off the beaten path, so it's not really worth a visit without some other adventures in the area. We paired this adventure with U-Dig Fossils, plus some other fun activities near Delta, and thought it was definitely…


18 of the Best Parks in Davis County

Davis County is home to lots of amazing playgrounds and parks. Whenever we visit the area, we try to find a new park to visit, and we haven't run out of fun places to play. We have gathered the best parks in Davis County for this list so that you and…