Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words, “free activity?” When we first started our blog, we put a special focus on finding free activities in Utah.

While we have expanded a little bit and include many adventures here at Utah’s Adventure Family, we still love finding all of the free activities for families. We know that free can be so helpful when you have a big family and other things you are working toward.

We have experienced all of these free activities and can’t wait for you to read all about them.

Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive

Most sports fans know Pebble Beach as one of the greatest golf courses in the world. But did you know that you can drive around this area south of Monterrey, California? This gorgeous slice of beach is home to famous folks like John Steinbeck, Clint Eastwood, Ansel Adams, and Doris Day,…


2022 Utah City Festivals

If you're looking for the current list, check out the 2023 Utah City Festivals! Every year we look forward to our local Lehi Round-up. We love the sense of community that comes in our not so little Lehi. Most cities in Utah have a local gathering or festival each year, so…


16th Avenue Tiled Steps | San Francisco

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps is a short, out of the way stop in San Francisco. It is worth visiting this special stairway just to see a different part of the city. On your visit you will get plenty of the hills and steep streets, but with a lot less traffic and…


Aviation Navigation Arrow | St. George

We were so excited to check out the Aviation Navigation Arrows in St. George when we first heard about them. These large concrete arrows were built as navigational tools for early mail pilots. There are a few in the area, but this was the first one that we visited. And it…