Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words, “free activity?” When we first started our blog, we put a special focus on finding free activities in Utah.

While we have expanded a little bit and include many adventures here at Utah’s Adventure Family, we still love finding all of the free activities for families. We know that free can be so helpful when you have a big family and other things you are working toward.

We have experienced all of these free activities and can’t wait for you to read all about them.

Lion’s Mouth Cave Hike | Cedar City

While on a trip to Cedar City we found a short, fun hike that ended at a great lookout point. There were even some petroglyphs along the way. This hike is called the Lion's Mouth Cave Hike (AKA Lion's Den Cave Trail), and it stretches about 1.0 mile roundtrip if you…


Conservation Garden Park | West Jordan

West Jordan has a really cool and educational garden. We visited the Conservation Garden Park last week and had so much fun learning about plants, water, and conservation. A trip to this walkthrough park would be great for any young school class, Scout troop or club, but it is also a…


Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall

We love waterfalls! Sometimes, we even like fake man-made waterfalls. On a trip to Cedar City we found a flat, easy, stroller-friendly hike that leads to a really pretty, though fake waterfall. If you're in the area, give Cedar Canyon Walking Trail Waterfall a try. The Cedar Canyon Walking Trail is…


International Peace Gardens | Salt Lake City

Did you know Utah has an International Peace Garden? It is located in Jordan Park in Salt Lake City. The garden has been there since just after World War II, and many tourists and dignitaries have visited. The International Peace Gardens have become a part of Utah history. The International Peace…

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Hidden Haven Waterfall

There's a great waterfall just outside Parowan that was really fun for our kids. Though the hike is somewhere between easy and moderate, we took 11 children ages 1 to 13. They all had a great time. The Hidden Haven Waterfall hike is an easy length at 1 mile to the…


Salt Creek Waterfall

We found a little piece of Heaven today in Juab County. A short, easy hike to a waterfall. We've heard that the Salt Creek Waterfall only flows until the Fourth of July, so let us know in the comments what the flow was like and the date you hike this one.…