Cascade Falls Utah

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Cascade Falls is a short waterfall hike along State Road 14 in the Duck Creek area near Cedar Breaks National Monument. This hike leads along the canyon rim to a small waterfall that springs from the rock. The distance for this hike is 1.0 mile roundtrip. There is a large parking lot with restrooms at the trailhead for Cascade Falls. The hike is not very busy, either, which is nice.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 1.0 mile RT
  • Elevation Gain: 80 feet down to the falls
  • Fees: None
  • Tips: Limited shade, so morning or evening hiking is recommended.

The trail starts out on the right side of the parking lot and follows along the edge of the canyon. The views are spectacular as you look back across toward Zion National Park. There are some steep dropoffs on the side of the trail, but we never felt that our children were in danger.

The trailhead is easy to find.
The rangers told us you could look out and see Zion. So there it is, I guess?!?!
The trail begins in and out of the trees, but soon comes out into the open.

After about a quarter mile, the trail, which has been dropping down toward the falls, levels out and there are some benches. We sat to catch our breath for a few minutes while our boys ran around sniffing the ponderosa pines in the area, which smell just like butterscotch!

The trail looks a little like Bryce Canyon or Cedar Breaks.
We love to smell the Ponderosa Pines. Watch for these types of trees.

The trail continues along the mountainside hugging the cliffs. There are a few little bridges, and even some stairs. At one point there is an overhanging rock with another bench, which supplies some well-needed shade. After a short climb, the overlook for the waterfall appears.

These are the steep drop offs. We weren’t too worried, but hold your little ones’ hands just in case.
The bench under this overhang was a nice shady resting spot.
This is the overlook for the waterfall. It’s hard to get a great look.

The cascade itself is only about 4 feet tall, and you can’t get a view straight on. What makes this waterfall unique, though, is that the water comes right out of the rock. Cascade Falls arises from a spring that seeps out of the rocks instead of falling over the rocks as a normal waterfall would.

It was a super small trickle when we were there. But we loved how it came out of a crack in the rock.

This hike reminded us a lot of Bryce Canyon and we enjoyed the beautiful trail along the way although the waterfall wasn’t huge. Spring run-off would probably make this waterfall a little more exciting. But if you are in the area and area looking for a nice, beautiful hike, Cascade Falls is a great stop.

We loved this trail more than the waterfall.


Cascade Falls is located by driving on dirt roads. The roads can easily be traveled by a car. Take UT-14 toward Duck Creek (28 miles if coming from Cedar City). Watch for the Duck Creek Visitor Center sign. Turn south onto North Fork Road and go past the Visitor Center. Follow for a little over 3 miles. There is one left turn about halfway onto Forest Road 54. The road is well signed, pointing you in the direction of Cascade Falls.

Tips for Families

  • There is limited shade, so bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Make sure to have water for the hike. In the summer, this area gets warm.
  • Watch your kids on this hike. There are some steep drop-offs, but the trail is wide enough that you can easily stay closer to the mountainside.
  • Visit the Duck Creek Ice caves that are just a few miles from here. It is a fun, adventurous stop.





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