Camping with Kids…Made Easy (Part 2)

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Camping With Kids Part 2Want to load the car for camping in 15 minutes? It’s easy if you keep your camping stuff organized and stored together in totes. Plus, you’ll never leave anything important behind.


This is the second post in our Camping with Kids series. It will focus on the most important bin, the Tent Stuff Bin. Click on each link to read the other posts:

Part 1: Big Stuff (too big to fit in a bin)

Part 3: Cooking Bin

Part 4: The Essentials


Tent Stuff Bin:

The tent stuff bin has only a few items needed to set up the tent. You can click on any picture below to view the item on Amazon.

2 tarps: (that’s what it takes for a 10 man tent). These are just cheap tarps to keep your tent clean and dry.

You definitely want tarps under your tent or your tent will end up wet!

Doormat: We use an old carpet sample to wipe feet on before coming in the tent.

Tent Pegs: Most tents come with pegs.

Tent pegs or stakes usually come with your tent, and you need them!

Mallet/Hammer: Just a cheap rubber mallet like this one to put the tent pegs in.

We have an old hammer in our tent box, but we had a mallet at first before it mysteriously disappeared….I’m sure a two year old helped.

2 Camping Lights: These small lights put out a bunch of wattage for inside the tent. They hang on the ceiling of most tents and hardly take up any space.

These are the best thing we ever found! We hang two lights in our tent and it feels like we are at home. Great for when you put the kids to bed.

Tent poles: Our tent poles fit in this bin. If yours don’t, make sure you keep them close to the tent! Forgetting them is a huge problem. Or buy a bigger bin so that your tent poles will fit–that’s on our agenda.


Dust Pan/Broom: We have a small dustpan & broom for sweeping out the tent before we go home.

This dustpan is easy to pack and helps a ton with clean up! Sweeping inside the tent is essential before packing it away.

Read the other posts in this series by clicking the link: Part 1: Big Stuff (too big for a bin), Part 3: Cooking Bin, and Part 4: The Essentials.

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  1. Emily

    Hi, i am thinking of doing this for my family but was curious to know what kind of vehicle do you fit the totes into after all packed and ready to go? Is this more for a family with a minivan or truck, or would it work for somebody with a smaller vehicle as well? Just want to be sure before i go buy totes that 4 totes, a double stroller, a cooler, and some of the big stuff will fit nicely into a town and country minivan or truck. Thank you.

    1. Natalie

      We have 3 boys and 2 adults packed into a minivan (Hyundai Entourage). Our van has one seat that stays up in the back, and 2 side by side buckets in the front and middle rows for the five of us. The other seat is tucked away and we pack in that way.