BYU Basketball

BYU Basketball

One of the fun adventures here in Utah Valley is BYU Basketball. We had the chance to go to a game recently, and it was a lot of fun.


The tickets we were given for free were on the very back row, so even though we got a few nose-bleeds from the altitude, we did get to lean against the wall, and the boys didn’t seem to mind.

The boys actually enjoyed the back rest of the last row. They were too into the game to really care where we sat.
There really aren’t many seats that would be too bad. We did climb a lot of stairs to reach the top. 🙂



One nice thing about BYU games is that they are family friendly. Most sports venues are perfectly safe and appropriate for kids– we love the Jazz, Bees, and Owlz games, too– but there isn’t even any alcohol in the Marriott Center. Our boys were especially surprised when they started the game with a prayer!


The game was fun though, and we spent most of the time laughing at the student section. (They chant “Hello, [name]” every time an opposing player is introduced. And our boys know the BYU fight song now after singing it a ton of times.

Our boys were constantly searching for Cosmo to see what he was up to!
Our boys were constantly searching for Cosmo to see what he was up to!
Go Cougs!
There are a lot of fun things going on throughout the game!
We love basketball. And BYU!
Mom, I’m a cougar! Roar! He definitely caught the spirit!


We also arrived a little early so we could swing by the BYU Creamery for ice cream cones, too! Mmmm! The Creamery is just a short walk from the Marriot Center.

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