Bottomless Lakes State Park

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Bottomless Lakes State Park 7

Bottomless Lakes State Park is the first state park in New Mexico. There are a lot of activities to do at this park including: camping, hiking, animal viewing and water activities.


Bottomless Lake really does have a bottom, but it is very deep because it was formed in a sinkhole. The actual depth of the deepest lake (Lea Lake) is about 180 feet, and there are actually several lakes in the area, though some are extremely small. There is a small visitor’s center where you can read about the lakes and how they formed. The ranger was also the nicest ranger ever to our boys and gave them some “extras” for completing their Junior ranger program.


Bottomless Lakes State Park 2
There are displays showing the bottomless lakes at this state park.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 4
Our boys loved this interactive wheel about the animals here.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 3
The visitor’s center isn’t very big, but it has some interesting displays.

We did a short hike from one campground to another and saw several of these small lakes, along with lots of rabbits and lizards. This trail is called Bluff Trail because you walk along the bluff and the trail is very easy. We hiked from Lost Lake Campground to Lea Lake because we had someone drop us off. Otherwise you will have to do and out and back. You pass by a few sink holes, some filled with water and others dried up. There are interpretive markers along the way, so make sure to pick up a pamphlet before you go so you can learn more as you hike.

Bottomless Lakes State Park 13
This sign marks the beginning of Bluff Trail.
This small lake is at the beginning of the trail.
This small lake is at the beginning of the trail.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 17
There are markers along the trail that teach about the terrain.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 15
This is one of the other lakes at Bottomless Lakes State Park.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 14
The trail follows along this bluff and it is wide and well marked.
We hiked in the evening and it was beautiful.
We hiked in the evening and it was beautiful.

There is a nature walk called the Wetlands Trail, which follows along a boardwalk for most of the way. We enjoyed this short walk, and we saw many birds along the way, as well as more rabbits and lizards. There are a few bird blinds so you can watch for wildlife while being partially hidden.

Bottomless Lakes State Park 19
The Wetlands Trail is a simple trail along a boardwalk.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 23
There were birds and a few animals. This trail would be best in the morning or evening.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 21
The area along the Wetlands trail is beautiful.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 20
Our kids loved looking through the blinds for animals.

We camped one night here, and it was beautiful and cool, even though it was over 100 degrees in nearby Roswell. The campground was very simple, but it was very inexpensive. It had a picnic table and fire pit, and not much shade. We loved that we could walk to the beach in just a few minutes from our campsite.


The best part of Bottomless Lakes State Park, though, is the swimming area by Lea Lake. There is a large beach cordoned off with a rope. The sand isn’t super soft, but there is a large shaded area with picnic tables that make the hot days tolerable. There is even a lifeguard on duty to watch kids swimming. Even though the lake is very deep, this little beach only gets to about 8 feet, and that’s if you go all the way out to the rope. We also liked the showers that allow you to wash the sand off before heading back to the tent. We spent a long time playing here in the beautiful blue water.

Bottomless Lakes State Park 5
The Lea Lake Campground is right next to the beautiful lake.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 10
There are lifeguards on duty during the day, and paddle boats for rent.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 9
There is a huge building with picnic tables in the shade which is follows along the edge of the beach.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 8
The water is super shallow by the edge. Perfect for kids!
Bottomless Lakes State Park 6
The water was clear and great for swimming.
Bottomless Lakes State Park 11
There is a lot of sand for digging too, so make sure to bring sand toys.
The water is a beautiful blue!
The water is a beautiful blue!

If you’re in the Roswell, New Mexico area and you like to visit a great State Park, try Bottomless Lakes State Park.

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