Bluff Gardens Cabins

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We visited Fort Bluff a few years ago and had a great time. The town of Bluff is beautiful, set against rock domes and in close proximity to some of our favorite sites in Utah, including Hovenweep, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Monument Valley.

We enjoyed the porch on our cabin.

On a more recent trip to Bluff we stayed in the Bluff Gardens Cabins. We really enjoyed the cabins, which are much nicer than the average hotel room. There is a small kitchen, a living room area, a separate bedroom with two queen beds, and, much to the delight of our children, a bathroom with two shower heads in the same shower.

It’s pretty convienent to have a kitchen area when camping.

The Bluff Gardens Cabins are located directly across from Fort Bluff, so you can’t miss them. They sit in a ring, and in the center of the ring, there is a large grassy area with grills for the cabins. There are porches with seating, and a stunning view of the rocky buttes surrounding Bluff. They will be adding a pool soon, too!

The cabins are located in a beautiful spot.

The cabins are equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave. We always appreciate this, because it saves us money on dinner and breakfast. There are dishes and a coffeemaker, too, but not a stovetop or oven. The bathrooms were really clean and nice, and we enjoyed the previously mentioned showers. We put all our boys in the shower at the same time. It was marvelous.

The kitchen saved us having to purchase a meal.
The bathroom was super clean, and the shower had two heads.

The living area has two nice large couches and a TV. Our boys chose to sleep on the couches, leaving one on a queen bed in the bedroom (we slept in the other queen), and two in the living area on the couches. Another nice touch is that all the art on the walls is created by a local artist. You can actually buy a picture right off the wall. Even the soap in the bathroom is handcrafted by a local artisan.

There is also a TV available.
The bedroom had plenty of room.

Though our stay in Bluff was short, it was cozy, thanks to the Bluff Gardens Cabins. There were lots of personal touches, too. They left a tin with treats for our kids on the counter. We would definitely stay again, and it is a great jumping off point for lots of Southeastern Utah adventures.

Our boys were excited about the treats and snacks.

More Info

  • Reserve your cabins online at Bluff Gardens website. They have a $10 off per night deal when booking online.
  • There are tons of things to do near Bluff and Blanding (Blanding is 25 minutes north of Bluff). We wrote a post about what we did near Bluff on our visit.

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