Bluestem Lights in Lehi

There is a new light show in Lehi, and it is definitely worth visiting. Bluestem Lights in Lehi has a lot of bright lights and a fun show. We were impressed with how the lights moved to the music. Lehi is full of fun Christmas Light houses, and we are excited for another one to add to our huge Lehi Christmas Lights drive. We will have to add this into the map.

Bluestem Lights is an awesome show.

The Bluestem Lights in Lehi has thousands of lights that coordinate very well to the music. The lights change through multiple colors, and we were impressed with all of the ways the patterns. They swirled and flashed, and fade in and out. It is difficult to explain all the ways they used the lights in this show, so you’ll need to go visit for yourself. The show has a huge variety of holiday songs, and we watched for about 30 minutes and didn’t hear any repeats.

The lights go through lots of different colors and patterns.
We liked the Grinch song!

There are two Christmas Trees that sing many of the songs. We had fun watching them pop in and out of the show. There is also a large screen that displays more specific images in the front window. We also liked the tall tree that had lots of Christmas images and patterns flashing through the different songs.

The trees sing songs throughout the show.
We liked watching this screen in the window.

We thought the Bluestem Lights in Lehi show had some similar light movement to A Very Merry Meridian, which is one of the best shows we have ever seen. Then we found out that they did use one of their sequences, so it’s definitely an awesome show. Add Bluestem Lights to your light show list. It’s a winner!

This house has lights all over the house and yard.


This house is located at 2497 W Bluestem Dr., in Lehi. The show runs from 5:30-10:00 pm Sunday – Thursday, and keeps running until 10:30 pm on the weekends. Tune to 98.5 FM to hear the music.

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