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Bike Barn 5
Four big people, and two small people (under age 6) could easily fit in a surrey.

Have you ever heard of a surrey? On our yearly trip to Bear Lake we found out exactly what a surrey is, and it was a true family adventure! There is a place in Garden City called the Bike Barn where you can rent quite a few different bicycles for your family to enjoy.


A surrey is bicycle built for four people. It can be pedaled by all four, but only one person will steer. Other people (small people) can also ride in the basket up front, so a few kids under age 6 could ride in the basket. We easily fit our family of five in the surrey. You can rent two different kinds of surreys, along with a lot of other bicycle type vehicles at the Bike Barn in Garden City, Utah near Bear Lake. To find the Bike Barn, drive north from the 3 way stop for a little over a mile to the KOA. The Bike Barn is part of the KOA.

Bike Barn 1
The Bike Barn had a lot of options besides a surrey, so check out their selection.
Bike Barn 6
Our youngest sat on the big wheel, which can come with a trailer if you like, but we didn’t ride it anywhere.
Bike Barn 7
The Bike Barn is pretty busy in the summer, and they don’t let you reserve, so we waited for 45 minutes for a surrey to be available.

The surreys are expensive to rent at $26 per hour for the one you see our family riding, but it is worth it to build family skills on your vacation. We took turns driving, and everyone pedaled together, which was really fun. It was also really necessary, because moving the surrey is more difficult than you might think. By the time we got a block down the road, our thighs were burning and we were short of breath. We were quite certain that an hour in the surrey was long enough!

Bike Barn 2
If we look refreshed, it’s because we haven’t left the property yet!
Bike Barn 4
He’s only 7, but he had to take a turn steering. You can see the bike’s a little too big for him, but he pedaled anyway!

When you rent a surrey, travel south (or north) and follow the Garden City Trail, which is designed for bikes and runs primarily right along the main road in Garden City, though it does travel along First West for a few blocks.


We laughed and worked together for a whole hour, and at the end, we all agreed that it was worth the rental cost! Your family will love it! Just don’t rent for more than an hour unless you have some serious stamina!

Bike Barn 8
This is the premier spot, if you can get your legs in there!

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