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We love visiting the St. George area. There is so much to do for families! One of our favorite things is to enjoy all of the fun parks in St. George. We have found so many great parks where our family plays together. In this post, we gathered the best parks in the St. George area, since some of the parks are in Santa Clara or Hurricane.

Thunder Junction: St. George

This is probably the most popular park in St. George, and for good reason. It has a large play area with a dinosaur theme, and it is an all-abilities park. There are also train rides around the park and a splash pad. There is a great nature center nearby, too. So much to do in one spot.

Cottonwood Cove Park: St. George

This park is super close to Thunder Junction, so if that park feels too crowded, hop on over to Cottonwood Cove. You won’t be disappointed because this park has a great playground, a toddler play area, as well as a fun arch that you can walk through onto the climbing rope shown above. There is also a walking trail to enjoy. It’s definitely a fun spot.

Vernon Worthen Park: St. George

Vernon Worthen Park is across the street from the St. George temple, so it is in the heart of St. George. It has an updated playground, lots of pickleball courts, and plenty of grass and picnic tables. Since this park has been here for awhile, there are a lot of big trees and shade!

Hidden Valley Park: St. George

The Hidden Valley Park is one of the best parks in St. George. It has a huge play area with a lot of fun things to do including lots of slides, climbing areas, and nice cushiony flooring. This park also has a splash pad, so it’s fun to visit on warmer days, too.

Millcreek Park: St. George

Millcreek park playground

Millcreek park is hidden in the back of a neighborhood, but it is just down the street from the St. George Costco. If you stop for gas, this is a great place to come and play. There are some unique climbing toys and my kids liked the slide on the hill.

Pioneer Park: St. George

This is our favorite park in St George, but it doesn’t have a playground. Instead, the rocks are the playground. You can climb and explore all over. There are some fun things to check out like the Dixie Rock, mini arches, the Boy Scout cave, and the St. George Narrows AKA “The Crack!” We stop here every single time we are in St. George.

Springs Park: St. George

This park is more of a nature area than a park. We loved walking around the little pond and feeding the ducks and geese that live here. There is a tiny little playground, but a visit here is more about enjoying the outdoors.

Canyon Park: Washington

The other park that my boys request all the time is Canyon Park. This fun park is in Washington and we call it the sports park. There are two different timed events: an obstacle course and a track. My boys think it is amazing to race and try to get better each time. There are also massive slides that go down a huge hill, a sand pit, and other climbing toys. It’s a ton of fun.

Gubler Park: Santa Clara

We have spent a lot of time at this cute playground because of baseball. There are 4 nice baseball fields at this park, but the playground is fun, too. We love the Utah theme that it has with the red rocks and the big tree. There are swings and spinning toys around the playground, too.

Canyon View Park: Santa Clara

Canyon View Park is a smaller park, but it is great for toddlers or to get away from the busy parks downtown. There are some fun climbing areas, as well as our favorite little scavenger hunt. We like the shade at this park, too!

Dixie Springs Park: Hurricane

We found this park on our most recent visit to the St. George area and we quickly fell in love. This playground is an all abilities playground and it has so much to do. The play area is huge, and there are two other playgrounds at the park as well. Dixie Springs park also has a dog park and splash pad. Fun for everyone.

Grandpa’s Pond Park: Hurricane

The best thing about Grandpa’s Pond Park is it has a fun playground AND a pond. You can enjoy an easy walk around the pond, or you can even fish, if you have a license. There is a lot of grass and a few picnic tables, too. This spot is fun to have lunch and spend the afternoon.

We can’t wait to find more fun parks to add to our list of best parks in St. George! If we missed a park that you really love in this area, please send us an email at We appreciate your suggestions! If you would like more ideas on what to do in St. George, check our out post of Things to do in St. George. It is full of hikes, museums, parks, and more.

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