Bear Lake Burger Boat LLC

Every year our family stays at Bear Lake for a few days. We love the crisp, blue water, the cool mornings and evenings, and the nice sand along North Beach (the Idaho side of Bear Lake).


We’re not in love with cold sandwiches for lunch, though. Even worse is leaving our things and driving to a nearby restaurant. So we were really excited when we saw a food boat on the lake. It’s called the Bear Lake Burger Boat, and it just showed up late summer 2017.

The boat moves up and down the beach, parking about 40 yards out (which is still knee deep at North Beach). We approached the boat and found that they have burgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and ice cream. We decided on a burger and a hotdog. The hamburger was really massive with a third pound patty. It was delicious with a nice burger sauce. It was even cooked a nice shade of pink on the inside (if you like well done, you’d better ask). For $9 the huge hamburger came with a bag of chips and a can of soda. The hotdog was a footlong, so our boys split it. The cost for the frank with chips and a soda was the same.

You can walk right out to the boat and order, or even kayak over if you’d like!
Here’s the menu. It’s not huge, but everything was delicious.
We were grateful for the bags to carry our food back to shore.
Mmmm! The burger was amazing.
Our boys loved eating hot food at the beach!

The owner of the boat was very helpful and friendly. He even tied our food up in a plastic bag to help us carry it back to the beach. We walked our food back to the shore and enjoyed warm food right there on the beach. It was totally worth it! We’ll look for the Burger Boat every time we visit, and you should, too.

The Bear Lake Burger Boat is a great spot at Bear Lake.
Tips for Families
  • Bear Lake Burger Boat accepts cash or card.
  • The boat is usually at the beach starting at lunch time, until early dinner like 4:00.
  • You can follow them, or check their location on their Facebook page.

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  1. Sosefina Tamale Moreno

    Look so yummy I like to go there this weekend hope we get us a campsite everything look so good..