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Observation Point Trail at Snowbird

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2021)

We did an amazing hike today up Little Cottonwood Canyon called Observation Point Trail (formerly called Barrier Free Trail). We drove up to Snowbird and parked in the parking lot near the Snowbird Center which is behind the lodge. Who knew there are dozens of things to do and hundreds of people doing them up there even during the summer?

The trail is flat and stroller friendly.

We walked into the building and went up to floor 3. Then we went out the back of the building (we had to ask people for these instructions, so hopefully, you won’t). There was a large open area with a bridge to the right. After crossing the bridge, the trail split and went to several of the activities that were going on.

Snowbird Center
Park as close as you can to the Snowbird Center. The trail starts behind this building.
Once you get behind the Snowbird Center, watch for this sign that points you toward the trail. The trail is now named Observation Point Trail.

The Observation Point trail climbs up behind the booths and leads to a overlook platform. The trail is flat and runs for about a half mile along the bench. At the end of the trail is a large platform that overlooks the ski resort. Even though you can see the parking lot for much of the way, there are beautiful alpine flowers, and animals along the trail.

You’ll cross this dirt road and come to the first interpretive sign that starts that Barrier Free Trail.

We saw a doe with her fawn, which was still covered with spots. There were different kinds of squirrels criss-crossing the trail, too. We stopped to watch a squirrel and heard a noise behind us. About 30 feet away stood a moose in the thick foliage. We watched as she paralleled the trail and her calf came out into the open. The calf was so beautiful, but we were a little worried about proximity. We had to wait until these moose moved back from the trail a bit before we could proceed. The funny thing was, though we were within a few hundred yards of the full parking lot, no one else seemed to see the mama moose and her calf.

Mom and baby deer
Crazy squirrel we saw on the trail.
This is not zoomed in…they were right next to the trail! It was exciting and frightening all at once.

The Observation Point Trail at Snowbird is free. This trail is paved and we pushed our stroller the entire way. This is a great summer stroll for anyone.

This is the end of the trail!

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