Ballard’s Iceberg Drive-In in Draper

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Today we were on our way back from a pleasant hike to Rocky Mouth Falls when we passed a tiny drive-in. It looked like exactly our kind of stop for fun food, so we turned around to try it.


Right on 12300 North (and about 673 East) in Draper there is a small restaurant called Ballard’s Iceberg that was built in 1960. The place is filled with history, and it really does take you back over 50 years ago. This isn’t one of those retro-restaurants with pictures of Elvis on the walls and red-and-white checked tablecloths, though. Instead there are pictures of the founders of Ballards opening their restaurant. The building is really tiny, even though there are around 10 tables, as well as a few tables outside. Also, there IS a bathroom, though you have to go outside around the building and in the back door to find it.

We loved that they had so many pictures of local people.
This is the founder when she built the restaurant right in front of her house, where it still sits today!
There are a few tables outside, but you can also see the house that still sits behind the restaurant.
There are a few tables outside, but you can also see the house that still sits behind the restaurant.

We were hoping for good old-fashioned fries and shakes after our hike. We certainly weren’t disappointed. We ordered small shakes and ice cream for the boys, and they were perfect. The fries were amazing! They were hand-cut potatoes deep fried just like Mom used to make. The slices of potato were thick and they were the perfect golden brown. We wished we’d been their for lunch or dinner so we could have tried a burger, too! We’ve already determined to go back soon.

The shakes were delicious. We can’t wait to try the food!
Shakes and fries is the perfect dinner for mom!

This is the perfect little diner for you to go eat old-style food. They serve dinner, lunch, and surprisingly, breakfast. The cost was about what you’d expect ($5-$10 for a full meal), and the food was amazing. If you are hungry for a unique burger, fries, and shake experience, check out Ballard’s Iceberg! They are open 8 am – 10 pm, and breakfast is served until 11 am.

This guy had an ice cream cone!
55 years is a long time for local places. We love to support these local eateries!

*Note: This is an unsolicited, honest review and we received no compensation for our opinions.

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