Balanced Rock at Arches National Park

The Balanced Rock trail at Arches National Park is perfectly flat and very short. This hike is around a quarter mile and walks around Balanced Rock offering different perspectives of this incredible feature. This is a great first hike in the park since it is one of the first things you will come to as you drive through the park.

Quite honestly, we sometimes skip walking around Balanced Rock. The reason for this is that the road wraps around about three-quarters of Balanced Rock, and you can see it very well as you drive. To do this, drive the main road, which gives a 180 degree view of the rock, then turn right on the road to the Windows area, and you’ll see another 90 degrees of the rock. There are great photo opportunities right on these roads.

But the Balanced Rock hike in Arches is easy and perfect for Grandma or the baby. It’s also a great place to let the kids out for a minute. It walks a short loop around Balanced Rock at a distance of just a few dozen yards. It won’t take too long to make this hike. Plan just 15-20 minutes for photos and the short walk. You can easily push wheels here, too, since the trail is flat and easy.

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