ATK Thiokol Rocket Display

Make sure you do this adventure in combination with the Spiral Jetty and Golden Spike National Historic Site. It is a long drive (25 miles west of Brigham City) to the company called ATK aka Thiokol. This is the company that used to make the rocket boosters for the space shuttle. Outside of their building is a small “rocket garden” that is free to the public.

There are many different displays of rockets including a shuttle booster and a Patriot missile. Each has an interpretive sign that explains what you are seeing and what it was used for. You won’t spend a lot of time here, but it is definitely worth the stop if you are on your way out here for the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

To get to ATK Thiokol, take Exit 365 for Corinne and travel west about 20 miles. When you get to the turnoff for the Golden Spike National Historic Site, don’t turn off, but go another 2 miles. You can’t miss the rockets on the right.

There are signs next to every part displayed explaining what it is/was.

The patriot missile
We were amazed at the sheer size of everything.
This is the back of the booster.

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