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All Those Lights in Ogden

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2016)

Really, this place is called All Those Lights, and it is a very nice display. We’ve written about several other light shows timed to music, but we agreed this one is the best. The volume of lights is good, and the lights are nicely spread out. We liked the arches and “shooting stars.”

We also really liked the sound track– at least the part we heard. We listened to 10 songs and we didn’t hear any repeats, so we don’t know how long the program lasted (we had to leave because it was already 9:00 pm and we had an hour drive home). One parody of Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys called “I’m Putting Up Decorations” gave us quite a chuckle. Tune to 93.7 for the music.

If you are in the Ogden area, be sure to stop and check out All Those Lights. You’ll be just minutes from the Harley Davidson shop so check out that show, too.

Directions: From the 1-15, take exit 340 for the 1-84. Take the first exit which is Riverdale Rd. Turn left onto Riverdale road. Turn right onto 1050 S (this road turns into 1150 S). Turn right onto 5525 E. The display is at 1198 S 5525 E, Riverdale, UT.

This is two different parts of songs that I clipped together.
(Sorry about the jets– apparently it was military exercise day!)

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