A Babe is Born Live Nativity | Lehi, Utah

We were so excited when we heard about a live Nativity right here in our home town, Lehi. Visiting a live Nativity is one of our favorite Christmas activities because it helps us focus on the real reason for celebrating Christmas. A Babe is Born Live Nativity is a new event that began as a way to benefit local refugees.

A Babe is Born Live Nativity is at a new location in 2021. When we visited it was at the Lehi Rodeo Grounds, so things might look a little different this year. For one, it is all indoors this year, which is nice, so everyone can be a little warmer. The new address is 7752 N 9150 W, Lehi, UT.

We followed the star toward Bethlehem.
The entrance to Bethlehem was built in front of the tents.

We entered the town of Bethlehem and paid our “tax” with some canned food items. They are also accepting coats, gloves, hats, and socks. The Roman soldiers allowed us to enter, and we had a lot of fun exploring Bethlehem. There were animals to pet, shops to visit, and other activities that our kids enjoyed interacting with. They especially liked sawing, grinding the corn, and holding bunnies.

Our boys enjoyed shopping at the market.
They had a lot of interactive things going on.
We enjoyed visiting with the refugees who were working.
The mill stone was a popular activity.
Our boys were in heaven holding the bunnies.
There were donkeys and sheep all over, too.

After spending about 30 minutes with the different activities in Bethlehem, we rounded the corner to visit the baby Jesus. There was an angel singing in the background and the baby was sleeping peacefully while Joseph and Mary looked on. We love this moment where we can imagine a tiny bit what it might have been like 2000 years ago.

The wise men gave us directions to Jesus.
The peaceful moment of standing before the portrayal of the Nativity was our favorite part.

The final part of the night is a square donut from the Lehi Bakery (our favorite) and a cup of hot chocolate. The treats are included in the cost of your ticket, and it was a nice ending for our kids.

We were impressed with the fun activities that they had going on. They even had a camel! We attended on opening night and everything was running very smoothly. If you are looking for a Live Nativity to visit, and a way to donate during this holiday season, visit A Babe is Born Live Nativity in Lehi.

We were excited to see the camel!

This event is set-up to benefit refugees here in Utah. Donations that you bring are given direct to the refugees, and for every ticket purchased they will donate a meal to a local refugee. Tickets are $10/adult and $8/child. They also have a pass for $50 for an immediate family that might be a better deal for you depending on the size of your family. They also hire local refugees as part of the cast so that they have opportunities to work. The proceeds from the nativity go to help these local refugees.

Tips for Families:

  • Tickets are available on their website: A Babe is Born.
  • The nativity runs Dec 14-17, and 19-20.
  • Dress Warm. You will be in a barn, but it is not heated.

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  1. Joe Coccimiglio

    Thanks for sharing about the Nativity Natalie! We’re going to host it again this year at the same location, 7752 N 9150 W, Lehi, UT. We have been able to bless countless refugees both here locally as well as in refugee camps throughout the world, all due to your support. I just received a message today from one of our actors from Conga that expressed how grateful she was for all we did for her and her family, we helped her brother, in a Ugandan camp, get a heart surgery that saved his life! It’s a fun experience for local families and what a difference every dollar makes to our brothers and sisters throughout the world. I hope to see you again this year!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      These stories are amazing! I am so glad that you use this activity as a way to help refugees. Thank you for sharing!