21 Things to do in Lehi Utah

We have lived in Lehi for the past 19 years and we really love our city. Over the years we have found lots of amazing things to do in our little “town” of Lehi. When we sat down to put together a list, we couldn’t believe how much there was to do. We hope you will enjoy this list of Things to do in Lehi.

Family Activities


There are a ton of restaurants in Lehi. We have not been able to visit them all, but here are our favorites. These are the restaurants we keep returning to!

  • Nachos Live on Lehi Main Street: Delicious Nachos
  • Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
  • Melty: Fancy Grilled Cheese
  • East Moon Sushi & Grill: 
  • Lehi Bakery: You NEED a square donut and don’t skip a maple bar
  • Strap Tank Brewery: huge variety and all delicious
  • JCW’s: Great burgers and shakes
  • JDawgs: yummy hot dogs with the best sauce
  • Handel’s: We probably eat too much ice cream from here
  • Harvest Restaurant or Trellis Cafe at Thanksgiving Point: both of these spots have great choices

We can’t wait to keep adding to this list as we find more awesome things to do in Lehi. There are some new parks and other activities coming soon. So keep checking back for an updated list.

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